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The Future of Work


Many of us know about technologies like 5G and AI. And we know that the rise of automation and globalization will change the nature of work and available jobs in the future. But wonder what it really means? While we’re not fortune-tellers, we are good at spotting trends. So here’s our take on the future of work from 3 perspectives.

The 1,000-foot view

The industry view

The view from the ground

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The Future of Work


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The Future of Work

Everyone will
become a student

Some of the best minds are making statements about the future. Leading us to believe that everyone will become a student in the future of work.

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn. - Alvin Toffler

Great companies don’t hire people and motivate them; they hire already motivated people and inspire them. - Simon Sinek

In another 20 years, a 20th century worth of progress will happen several times a year. - Ray Kurzweil

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The Future of Work


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The Future of Work

Skills become more
important than job roles

Companies are showing a progression toward automation, and skills are shifting. Letting us believe that skills will be more important than job roles in the future of work.
Another interesting stat is the share of tasks performed by humans vs. machines and what companies expect by 2025.

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41% of companies will automate tasks in the next 2 years1

1 in 3 jobs will require complex problem-solving skills; roles outside of engineering and science will require this too2

Creativity will become one of the most sought-after skills3

2/3 of jobs by 2030 will be soft skill intensive4

Sources: 1Manpower • 2Future of Jobs Report Survey, 2020, World Economic Forum • 3World Economic Forum, Deloitte & McKinsey • 4Deloitte

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The Future of Work


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The Future of Work

As machines get smarter, so must we

Right now, AI can beat a chess grandmaster, but it can’t do all your homework! The hope is that as machines take more repetitive tasks, it will free us up to do more of the work that we are better at: knowledge work.
So, what can you—and others—do now to stay relevant?

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The Future of Work


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The Future of Work

As you can see,
there’s a place for you.

There’s nothing wrong with being valued as a knowledge worker and grooming yourself to be just that. Start by taking a course that can lead to specialized skills. Here are three suggestions:

Learn more about the boom in connected devices and sensors and the data they gather

Intro into IoT

A beginning, self-paced course leading to a course pathway

Learn empowering networking concepts

Networking Essentials

An intermediate, self-paced course leading to a course pathway

Learn to automate networks with software skills

DevNet Associate

An intermediate, instructor-led course leading to certification

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