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Why software
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are important?

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Why software
development skills
are important?

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Step inside and uncover all the ways that programmers and developers enable positive change in the way IT departments look, act and get noticed.

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What’s cool about Python?

There’s a lot to love about this uncluttered language. Here we share our top picks on what makes Python really cool:

Easy to learn

Because there’s no crazy syntax and structure like other languages.

Look how readable it is:

Notice the indented portion that begins on the next line after the colon. Python expects this indented portion to contain all the code that makes up the function.

programming (OOP)

As you can imagine, a big file with thousands of lines of code would be difficult to work with.

Enter OOP (Object-Oriented Programming):

OOP’s goal is to build modular software that breaks up code into smaller pieces

Each piece (or module) is self-contained, so changes to one don’t affect others

Infrastructure as code

Offers the representation of infrastructure through machine-readable files that can be reproduced over and over. This means that any organization’s infrastructure can be treated like source code, spinning up new infrastructure whenever needed.

Amazing, isn’t it? How it came to be:

Cloud computing makes infrastructure available almost instantaneously

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allow cloud infrastructure to be automated

Start learning

With a solid knowledge of Python, you can go places and watch doors open at every turn. Start learning today by taking Networking Academy’s self-paced course:

Programming Essentials in Python

It’s for those who have no prior experience. And best of all, it provides the perfect programming environment right from your browser.

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Types of

Associate to

from official DevNet
Cert Guide


What’s DevOps?

Developers and operations teams have different expectations:

Developers care about functional code, libraries and Agile sprints

Whereas operations teams care about keeping the environment stable and ensuring backup processes work

Today, these two areas must work together for the greater good of the business. DevOps was created in the spirit of new collaboration—and to quicken time-to-market for new services.

Types of jobs

Good jobs are waiting for you if you pursue this field and achieve your Cisco DevNet Associate certification.

Imagine yourself as:
Jr/Entry-level Developer
Jr/Entry-level Software Engineer
Jr/Entry-level Applications Developer
Jr/Entry-level Automation Engineer
Jr/Entry-level Cloud Developer
Associate Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)
Jr/Entry-level DevOps Engineer
Test Development Engineer

All these positions lead to good salaries too!

Associate to
professional certifications

With DevOps being such an important role in the new, more agile IT department, those with a certification almost have a “golden ticket” to greater success:

97% of organizations offer recognition for employees earning technical certifications1

99% of organizations use technical certifications to make hiring decisions2

71% of hiring managers say that certs increase their confidence in an applicant’s abilities3

IT professionals who gained new skills or certs last year received an average salary raise of $12,000-$13,0004

Aspire to these Cisco Certified Certifications:

DevNet Associate
(the path to a career)

DevNet Professional
(the ability to select a core technology track)

1 Learning@Cisco Tech Manager Survey
2 Learning@Cisco Tech Manager Survey
3 2018 IDC WW IT Employment Model Future of IT Survey
4 2020 IT Skills and Salary Report, Global Knowledge


If you want to pursue the exciting world of DevOps, studying for your Cisco Certified DevNet Associate Certification will be key.

What better way to introduce you to some of the guide’s topics than give you a listen to what we liked best!

Take course

Learn modern development and engineering skills right here, right now.

Through Networking Academy’s DevNet Associate course, you’ll be able to:

  • Use amazing APIs
  • Learn how to support infrastructure and automation
  • Become smarter about app development and security

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Why software
development skills
are important?

The Agile

40% finished
product brings
100% finished code

The secret
of APIs


Why software development skills are important?

Thanks to the cloud offering accessible infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and automation tools that can programmatically manage servers, network devices and services safely, IT departments are in much better hands.

It’s these hands—the hands of professional programmers and developers—who make this integration happen and make IT a revenue-generator.

The Agile Manifesto

Tired of inflexibility, Agile pioneers created the Manifesto for Agile software development, which certifies the guiding principle for Agile development.

This became a lightning rod to enable faster, more efficient and agile processes.

40% finished product brings
100% finished code

Developing software in Agile results in a different output than the slow, serial manner used in Waterfall:

With Waterfall, project isn’t finished until the very end

With Agile, the timeframe is shortened into 2 weeks or sprints (enough time to finish a feature)

Therefore, pieces of code matter

The Secret of APIs

For communicating with and configuring networks, software developers use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). APIs are mechanisms to communicate with apps and other software.

They’re also used to communicate with various components of a network through software.

While some call them “secrets,”
we call them brilliant!

Job Outlook

By 2023, number of Python developers will reach 27.7M1

Python developers are now among the highest-paid programmers in the tech industry (at any one time, there are upwards of 100,000 unfulfilled Python developer jobs around the world)2

Cisco’s Networking Academy Talent Bridge Matching Engine has over 650 employers from around the world ready to match your skills with their jobs (another reason to begin your journey)

Jobs where Python is essential

Software engineer and developer

Writes programs

Machine learning (ML) engineer

Creates, supports algorithms that make predictions based on data

AI engineer

Uses ML to create algorithms that mimic human intelligence

DevOps engineer

Does a little of everything

Full stack developer

Deals with both front-end and back-end of apps

Data scientist

Turns big data into something useful


Code checker

More to know


Linux BASH
commands & tips

Python vs C++

Test your

More to know

Everything you learn can help develop you into the professional you imagine for yourself.

So, get started—and get excited by browsing these additional resources.

Start practicing

  • Networking Academy’s beginner Python course (where you can learn the basics)

  • Cisco DevNet learning labs (where you can perform coding tasks with Python scripts)

  • GitHub (where you can access millions of sample Python scripts provided FREE from users and engineers at Cisco)

  • Linux courses (where you can quickly gain experience using open-source software)

Linux BASH commands & tips

Linux has taken over the development world. Born Again Shell (BASH) is a shell for command processing. The beauty of BASH is that you, as a programmer, can use it to input commands that the OS will interpret and perform.
Here are the commands you will use most often:

changes directories and moves around files

allows you to print current working directory path

gives you a list of current directory

creates a directory (permissions apply)

copies a file or folder

moves a file or folder (and can rename it)

deletes file or directory

creates a file or changes timestamp

views or creates files and pipes to other commands

shows currently set environment variables

To access help for any command, type man then command. Piping is the most powerful feature (letting you string together commands).

Programming Punch-Out:
Python vs. C++

Which language is best? Watch for yourself as they both take to the boxing ring.

Test your vocabulary

There are so many abbreviations for protocols, interfaces and apps in the infrastructure automation space. Here we share a few so that you can show your intelligence:


– Application Programming Interface


– Application Centric Infrastructure


– Application Policy Infrastructure Controller


– Data as a Service


– File Transfer Protocol


– Infrastructure as a Service


– Internet Protocol


– Network Configuration Protocol


– Python Automated Test System


– Python Enhancement Proposals


– Representational State Transfer


– REST-like interface to NETCONF/YANG interface


– Simple Network Management Protocol


– Software as a Service


– Software-defined Networking


– Yet Another Next Generation

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You now know
“All Sides of Programming”

We hope this information was helpful and enlightening—showing you that programmers are at the heart of what’s possible in the IT arena. And the enabler of continued innovation.

Thanks for exploring this topic with us!