Networking Pathway

Worlds of networks, IT infrastructure and
applications are no longer siloed but
inseparable. Opening the door for truly
amazing innovation. Networking Academy’s
CCNA courses have evolved to teach you the
latest concepts.

Emerging Technologies Workshops
(may be offered)

- Rest APIs
- Model-Driven Programmability
Pre-requisite knowledge
Recommended pre-requisite knowledge
Certification preparation
Digital badge earned

After Networking Essentials, you can continue in Networking, move to DevNet Assoc in the Programmable Infrastructure pathway – or go to CyberOps Assoc in the Cybersecurity pathway

After CCNA ITN, you can move to DevNet Assoc, which is in the Programmability Infrastructure pathway - or proceed there after taking all 3 CCNA courses

After completing CCNA SRWE, you can move to CCNA Security in the Cybersecurity pathway